On-line multimedia resources for students

For many of our coursebooks, we have additional multimedia resources for students on-line. Depending on the coursebook, students can access most of the reading texts, pronunciation tasks, vocabulary and songs through a computer, tablet or smartphone. They come with audio, which can be listened to on-line or downloaded in MP3 format.




Interactive whiteboard material

Our coursebooks come with a DVD containing the interactive whiteboard material, which is a great tool to enhance the English lessons. The IWB material doesn't need to be installed or have an internet connection. It has the same lay-out as the book, which makes it very easy to use. The IWB material doesn't specifically need an interactive whiteboar. It runs on any Windows computer, so it can be very useful in an autonomous learning environment.



ELT Skills

The ELT Skills is an on-line Learning Management System (LMS), basically online exercises with videos and readers, which can be used next to any course book. The exercises will be automatically corrected and the results will be presented to teachers through a range of different reports. This material is online and can be reached by computer, tablet and smart phone as long as there is internet access.

Since ELT Skills follows the CEFR, it can be used next to any coursebook (not only MM Publications’ books).



ELT Platform

THe ELT Platform is an on-line LMS (Learning Management System), which offers a blended mode of learning and teaching in one on-line place. In other words, the ELT Platform is collection of on-line exercises, which the students can do on-line, while the teacher maintains control.

The teacher can decide which exercises to make available and when. Secondly, since the teacher receives feedback about the students’ performance with plenty of statistics, allowing to keep track of the progress of the group as well as individual students.

The ELT Platform can be accessed through a computer, tablet or smartphone, and the exercises are connected to specific modules of the books by MM Publications. These are extra exercises and can’t be found in the course books.

The ELT Platform is designed to be easy to use, so no special IT skills or a lot of extra time is required.