ELT Platform

THe ELT Platform is an on-line LMS (Learning Management System), which offers a blended mode of learning and teaching in one on-line place. In other words, the ELT Platform is collection of on-line exercises, which the students can do on-line, while the teacher maintains control.

The teacher can decide which exercises to make available and when. Secondly, since the teacher receives feedback about the students’ performance with plenty of statistics, allowing to keep track of the progress of the group as well as individual students.

The ELT Platform can be accessed through a computer, tablet or smartphone, and the exercises are connected to specific modules of the books by MM Publications. These are extra exercises and can’t be found in the course books.

The ELT Platform is designed to be easy to use, so no special IT skills or a lot of extra time is required.


Key features

  • Can be accessed through computer, tablet or smartphone (internet required)
  • Connected to the MM Publications course books
  • Extra exercises, which can’t be found in any book
  • The teacher is in control
  • Students receive immediate feedback
  • Contains tests as well
  • Feedback and statistics available for the teacher
  • We can offer access to the ELT Platform for free for Austrian students who learn from MM Publications course books



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